John Minnicks did photography as a professional in Connecticut and New York for many years. In 2000, John moved to Asheville, North Carolina to slow down and detox from 1 Madison Avenue (his past studio life). The mountains of Western North Carolina have been incredibly healing for John. Not only did he burn a trunk full of his portfolio but he started to invent, create, and develop cameras. The Aero-liberator is his vision to share the passion of great photography with the world. This incredible 4×5 camera is a work of art. John talks to each photographer to help them to create the camera tailored just for them. These personalized cameras are being liberated throughout the world. Please check out our gallery of photographers and testimonials. The inspiration was to have a camera that captured a creative look all its own. The pictures taken with Aero-liberator must be experienced. Please check our gallery of Aero-liberator photos.

John Minnicks with his first camera, which now resides in Paris.